Zoe Moff

Meet Zoe!


“Hey there! I’m Zoe (she/her) and I’m a bassist, producer, and audio engineer. I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and started my journey in the US in 2018. I was brought up with music, both my parents are musicians so I grew up listening to them play and practice constantly. I picked up the guitar at the age of six, then learned how to play piano, drums and finally grabbed the bass which I chose as my main instrument. After playing with many groups, being a session musician, and releasing my own music, I got into producing and the audio world and fell in love with it. Music means everything to me. I do music to express social injustice, to fight for what is not being said, and for the voices that are not being heard. I just want to make you feel something :)”


Peep the Feels!

“The Rhythm section is the foundation and support of any band & Zoe is Rhythm! From the way she walks across the bass to way the she has an ear for other music as she engineers it, she leaves you feeling. Jam on Zoe!

Menace Port


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