Too Swift

Meet Too Swift!


“My name is TooSwift, the samurai from the valley of Colorado Springs. My journey led me to the prosperous city of Denver, where I now reside to complete my training. I specialize in the advance and lost practice of lyrical artistry. My sword (tongue) is the most Swift weapon in my arsenal, however; my goal is to achieve rank of Master in my art along with other disciples from this region. I do not acquire these skills for use of violence, but rather to bring peace. I see my art as one with myself, every little niche I apply to my technique is a piece of me which requires a large amount of humility, originality, and respect. For my art is limitless, and not tied down to one avenue.”  

Art at the hands of Too Swift

Too Swift the Samurai is a local lyricist associated with a collective called ‘GPG’. Always ready to express himself, Swift consistently uses his ability and freedom through words. Check out one of his most recent projects below!

Menace Port


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