A Media Experience

Yoooo. What’s cracking! If your reading this you have been invited to what we like to think of as the photo project of the century for the black dyke queer community. 

What is #BDD? 

It’s not just a photo project, it’s a visual story told by you. Every individual though black and masculine presenting are all different and we want to polarize that “not one sunflower is the same as the next.”

We want to give you an opportunity to tell us and the world who and what you are. So often black dykes are taken at face value and the lack of representation in the media make it easy for an outsider to miss judge. 

What if you got the opportunity to introduce yourself outside of what people think they see?Who are you? What would you say?

We take the time to pick you apart and select an environment conducive to who you are. The ‘Madam of our company fits you for a hand wrapped crystal selected, blessed and cleansed with you personally in mind. 

We want to redefine community within a community. We want to take the time to get to know you then introduce you to the world. Let us sway your confidence with a scratch in ego cause ain’t nobody like you baby boy

What would your part look like?

  • Get a personalized media experience
  • Be involved in building community
  • Become a figure in the Black LGBTQ community
  • Be apart of a Non-Profit organization

BDD is operated and owned by a networking and marketing platform for small businesses and creatives called Menace Port.

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