Social Experiments

Diversify The Line Up

A creative showcase for diverse genres and groups


Diversify The Line Up is a staple event inside the Menace Brand. This showcase puts musicians and artists from around the world on the same stage. Creating an interactive rollercoaster ride of emotions vibes and ancestral realms.

Menace brand believes the “entertainment market of performance” is actually an ancient spiritual practice of spirit movement comparable to channeling. The American market has exploited this practice and many artists that participate are unfortunately unaware of the spiritual aspect behind it.

This Social Experiment allowed us insight into not just the practical problems with opening many different generational realms on a stage in the same space but also the eternal effects of the Portal we opened.

We applied analytics surrounding the funding that a PWI is eligible for with diversity in their space. We explored the facts behind age not being a contributing factor to racism, and the common ground bigots fill together. Reminded the KKK started as a theater group we were confronted with art and artist being inseparable. And the understanding that diversity in space with intention of interaction beyond surface level, can’t come without extreme acknowledgement of who and what we are individually and collectively together as a nation and people, without centering healing at the bases of our interactions.

We began to explore communal healing. Rudely awoken to the fact we had never been provided the luxury of healing at all, individually or collectively. We noticed little to no resources for solutions and a dry response from communities when we spoke about the logical effects of “diversifying” the nation without proper structures for efficiency in public health and social spaces.

For the next year we would build over 30 programs as reparation projects that infiltrated the American market not just in mission but in funding, support, and practicality. With this social experiment we were able to apply the psychological knowledge of truth- Its impossible to diversify a space without deep mental understanding and acknowledgment on why it needs to be in the first place. The colonial historical contributions to trauma are underplayed and placed under a bus said to be a color card used for convenience.

We aren’t to argue scholarly evidence of racial statistics dating back to boats and shores or give media that makes colonial understanding easier. We chose to create a market all originally our own on bases of entrepreneurialism and innovation targeting PWI giving them the right to choose to be apart of tomorrow, that way when it gets here we can easily say as a Nation we don’t support ___ because of their contributions to Old America and lack thereof to New. Due to the effects of colonization we believe it is absolutely necessary for businesses and institutions to purchase from us as it is a beginning to a conversation every PWI whether working with Menace Port or not will have to answer to.

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