Offering unique and price efficient artist services is one of our specialties.

Menace Port Photography

In need of a photography shoot?! Lets set a vibe. We offer a variety of digital packages, giving you overall freedom to print and pot your photos as you please. With flat rates per hour.

Menace Port Vocal Coaching

Interested in learning to control your vocal chords? Have a show coming up? Want to sharpen your quality of voice and the effect it has? Schedule a class with local vocal artist to tune your skills

Crystal Wrapping

An artist will personally wrap a crystal of your choice. Ask for help choosing the perfect crystal for you, the artist can provide a personalized read to give a suggestion. Keeping a wrapped crystal on or around you will assist you in amplifying the reality you want to create.

Ghost Writing

An Artist/Wordsmith works with your craft and sound specifically to tailor your words with finesse. Privacy is the upmost value held next to craftsmanship.

“I have done several shoots with Menace Port Photography and each time I was treated with professionalism, courtesy and a ton of creativity. I’ve been behind a lot of cameras and this was the first and only time I felt a sense of naturalness. Would 100% recommend this service to anyone, especially artists.”

Dunia Shawty, Artist,Vocalist, Model, Poet

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