We specialize in creative projects and reparation programs, for black artists and entrepreneurs. Offering unique networking endeavors for black companies.


Design a Specific Reparations Program

We will help you build a Reparations program for your Black-owned brand or company. Is there a new project product or endeavor you want to take but lack the resources or just want to approach it differently? We can work with you to design a creative Reparations program.

Black Businesses Catalog

Add your black brand to our Catalog. We are always looking for more black brands to add to our catalog to do marketing and networking campaigns with. When you add yourself to the catalog, you give your brand visibility and access to a multitude of expansion opportunities including access to free services with membership.

Service A Program

Are you a predominantly white-owned establishment wanting to join a reparations program or have one installed for your company to participate?

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Case Studies

Diversify The Line Up’ -Our first Social Experiment

This experiment was hosted in Denver CO as a music event. Involving a diverse group of performers and musicians, it gave us an inside look at what it’s like diversifying spaces. The analytics include white community responses and black community responses to racial harassment. One of our most significant take away was the ability to build the programs and missions we stand on today. Follow the link below to read more.

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It is our mission to challenge the environment around us through art and creative programs. We are whole heartily focused on the revitalization of the black community, and all the many creative ways that can be achieved. We design and manage creative projects for communal reparations, and service black businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs through a variety of networking marketing, and expansion opportunities.

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“I attended and truly enjoyed “Diversiy the Line Up”, every artist that preformed was amazing and I say this genuinely as I love to see people doing their thing and living their best lives as they graced and blessed us with their creative manifestations. I loved seeing all of the vendors and COMMUNITY show up for this event to support and share space with one another”

-Whitney with A Lotus Vibe Yoga’

“Working with the Menace Team of creatives has been amazing everyday is new. We are working on projects I never thought I’d comprehend let alone see birthed into a reality. If your looking to challenge yourself and your black creativity or a dope team to get involved with. Menace Port is where you need to be.”

-Mockuhmenace Project Designer

Let’s build something great together.

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