Package Purchasing

The Co Worker


This is our lowest priced package. The Co Worker conceptualizes the idea of casual relationships. Allowing clientele to interact like that of a coworker. A coworker understands your problem at hand yet can only, or will choose to only get involved to an extent. The Co Worker is designed for those wanting to be apart of direct change with action. Packages are Available to individuals, companies institutions, groups and organizations.


One Time Payment

Does not include access to Communal Reparations Board

Allows us to invest in Marketing and Press Releases

Allows us to Expand our Team

Helps Further Narrative but does not contribute directly to a project

Allows You to make a direct impact and acknowledge self.

The Co Worker

Be apart of direct change with our Co Worker package.


The Co Worker and dISTANT cousin can RECEIVE up to

15% Off

If purchased before January 25th

The Distant Cousin


The Distant Cousin contributes to projects significantly. Though it is a one time purchase it allows us to have a larger conversation. Investment into the American people acknowledges the tumultuous past of our country. All around the nation people are finding ancestry across vast cultures. 0.1% separates us all from one another, embody familial with The Distant Cousin. Packages are available to individuals, companies, institutions, organizations and groups.

One time purchaseContribute to on going Projects
Temporary Access into Communal Reparations BoardAllows us to Design Installments
Acknowledges the role of selfAllows us to Expand our Team

The Distant Cousin

Our Distant Cousin package allows you to invest into change and acknowledge inter connectivity amongst the American people.


Enjoy your discount

20% Off

First order of Official MENACE

The Cook-out

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.. buuutt… we have the secret for the “cook-out invitation”

Packages available for individuals companies, organizations, institutions and groups.

Monthly Payments

Allows us to take the sale impact and utilize it consistently

Supports New Projects

With the consistency of your package we are able to begin new projects

Access to The Communal Reparations Board

The C.R.B will allow you to further your individual or brand inclusion in our mission.

Personify self awareness

Through this package you fully acknowledge the diversity and ingenuity of America and how it came to be.

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