Nick Hazard

Meet Hazard!


“Nick Hazard, present. Hi all, mucho gusto! My world involves poetry, music, writing, and a deep passion for economic justice. (there are more empty homes than homeless people) I have an arch nemesis, Hazmatic, and we are forever in battle of sound. (Stay peeped for my upcoming project “Hazard Vs. Hazmatic”) Words are my paint on the canvas, and I have an affection for diction. I hail from the clan Good.People.Goons, GPG. My main genres in music are rap/lofi hip hop & my poems are wide ranging in style. Thanks for being here 🙂 “

Hazardous Art from Hazard

Nick Hazard is a local artist with an ear for lower frequencies. As a member of GPG, he includes his knowledge of the world and the lessons he has learned to add to the collective. As a lyricist, he uses words to leave you asking questions while on the other hand as a producer, he answers them. Boogie on Hazard.

Menace Port


For inquiries, please reach out via social media.

Insta: @nhazardd & @hazardpoetry Soundcloud: @nhazard

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