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Sex Ring Ran inside a School Dorm by a Father in New York

In Yonkers, NY A man named Lawrence Ray (52 at the time)  moved into his daughters dorm room and was charged with sex trafficking and housing her friends and other students last week. February 2020

The college was Sarah Lawrence, and Ray started his plot doing therapy sessions with his daughters roommates convincing them he could help with their problems. Ray used threats, coehersion, sexual exploitation, verbal/phisical abuse, forced labor and prostitution to persude the young adults, extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from them with over 1million in his bank account when he was finally arrested. Convincing them to work without pay on his property in North Carolina. Tying the young adults to chairs with plastic bags on their face suffocating them until  they agreed to his demands.

For 8-10 years (2010-2018), Lawrence Ray was actively torturing his young victims. The state paints Ray like a sex cult leader, learning intimate details of the students private life and mental health struggles through the bogis therapy sessions. Alienating them from their parents convincing them their family had “broken” them and he could fix them.

The story is disgusting and layered with creepy details. New freshman students visiting the Slonim dorm for the first time said it had weird vibes and a certain tone of vibes emitting. Ray was a strange guy, 52 years of age and actively seeking sophomore students at a college campus.

We send our budding young adults to college to mature and learn themselves not to be prey and victimized by a father within the student community. The fact that Lawrence Ray had no shame in his game, was powerfully manipulative and continued his “cult”’ so intensely that he had over 1 million dollars in the bank is alarming and disturbing. Taking the city of New York 10yrs to find him, is the conversation of consent vs. manipulation for our young adults at bay here.? Check Out the More in depth article in the New York Times Link:

BBC Article:

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