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”Hellllllooooo! You can call me Mock or Mak whichever resonates with you most. I go by the name Mockuhmenace musically and M. with my poetry. I am word obsessive and love the concept of creation and power behind them. I have a bad habit of spliff smoking and think about stopping everyday, but I haven’t.  I’m in love with a jazzy soul that sings like she walks – a show stopper. I’ve never seen anything like the innovation and freedom they work with at Menace Port, to be apart of such a movement in the 20th century feels world and life changing. All and all I hope to build a platform for my creativity with the family we have here and I am more then elated to Port into the Mind of a Menace while tugging on my own.”

“Stand for something or fall for anything”


Art by Mock

Here’s To Skin

Here’s To Skin. That skin so sunkissed and oven BING perfect
Chocolate chip beauty marks graze the surface, so no surprise.
I did a dollop of that skin 100 times over in a dream until i dosed over,
And in a drug induced slumber I slept and dreamt of a galaxy the color of coffee spinning mixing with creamers vanilla hazelnut
Sugars and every Shade from brown to milk tans and beige swirled and spun and swayed endlessly around and around and around

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Mock is a uniquely creative mind that dominates every category xe partakes in. From music and photography to writing and poetry, you can see how passionate this artist is about words. Mock released xer’s first EP last year called ‘The Renaissance’. This was a powerful introduction to the world for sure. Click the link below to indulge. Mock also is perfecting the craft of freestyling. This dates back to original hip hop and is the true badge of an amazing spitter. Mockuhmenace will have another album dropping this year so stay tuned for that as well! Look above for Mocks current release!

Menace Port

A Gift from the Word Smith

It’s My

It’s my birthday. My gift to myself is the freeing motion of goodbye. Goodbye to who I thought I’d be. Goodbye to people I don’t think fit my regalty. Goodbye to childish nicknames that never fit. Goodbye to titles you didn’t earn

And givens you didn’t live up to. Goodbye to an invitation to disappoint me. Hello to my Darkness. Hello to my Protector. Hello to self sufficient funs hello to my reality. Goodbye to the plantation of mind I’ll never pick another cotton swab again. Here’s to value in my words and Art. Here’s to value in my name. Here’s to loving myself. Chauffeur my progression in the right direction and leaving it all at the altar.


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