We use our media page to promote those in the community we feel message is important to share with the world. The media we share in our communities has a direct link to our creative growth and prosperity within ourselves. The individual media we listen to and watch should show us pieces of ourselves we didn’t know or forgot about. Menace Port sees it extremely necessary to show merit based “stand for something” media.

Jada strikes one at the 2019 Reptilian Expo in Denver Co.

BlackDikeDelight is MenacePort’s take on BlackMagic. Our values of inclusion pushed us to start a community outreach photoshoot that takes a look at gender ‘ditching’ in the black community.

Open to all genders and non gender conforming individuals. We hope to explore the areas of people that the mass media doesn’t. Highlighting a different side of the black queer community.

Des came and bowled at Celebrity Lanes with us. We struck some amazing posing and fitted her for a tigers eye crystal.

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