Josiah Peters

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“YO! My name Josiah Michael Peters and I’m just a kid from Park Hill Denver  who has been put on this Earth to serve others and create dope content. I do so through the art of performance and poems, some of the purest forms of expression. As I continue to grow I seek to expand my mind to different perspectives so that I can be able to serve my community and love ones on the road to personal freedom.”

-Josiah Peters

An Artistic Scene of Haikus


Lift off when sparks fly 

Climbing trying not to fall

Remember to breathe


Impeccable words

That follow through is crucial

You can’t go back


Focus when it’s tough

Take action and just think less

Tune in and Tune out 


We all need a laugh

It makes the truth more fitting

And the pain hurt less


Don’t kill my vibe please

My patience needs to recharge

The woke need their sleep

“Josiah is a free spirit that can step into character at the snap of a finger. He uses this unique ability to tap into emotion through his poetry, sway on Josiah!”

Menace Port


The mind feels heavy

Staring into the abyss

Searching for answers 


All your hope feels lost

Efforts are flushed down the drain

Teacher of humble


You must handle heat

Round up the dish like clockwork 

Love with your stomach


Hope I don’t break it

Energy into these words

Is something sacred


Fuck Everything

The river is still flowing

Cozy in my zone


Urges take control

Lust is looking like a snack

Want takes over need

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