Jordan ‘Marsiac’ Henderson

Meet Jordan!


My name is Jordan Henderson. You can call me Jordan, J, J-dog, but my Artist name is Marsiac. Marsiac is a mixture of the words Marc (Middle Name), Music and Maniac.

 I play Electric Bass and Key Bass. I grew up in a musical family of 7 kids, mom and dad. At a young age I was encouraged to play an instrument. We had drums, guitars and keyboards at the house, so I would play on those. Fast forward from being 7 to 12, my brother tells me “ You should play bass because none of us play bass” I am now 20 still playing bass.  It was never my choice to play bass, but it soon became part of me and opened many doors. I gain my inspiration from Marcus Miller, Jaco, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Kaybass, Michael League, the list goes on and on. I learn other instruments to help with my composing/ production creativity. But right now, you can just call me a bassist.

I am a progressing Composer and Production Artist. I make instrumental music that comes from my heart and soul. I began making music because I felt like I had a lot of ideas in my head that needed to be laid out on a track somewhere. What better way to do that than making your own music. My music stems from the inspiration of Jazz, Latin, R&B, Rock, Metal, music from all over and pretty much any music that sparks my interest, then I fuse them all together. Every genre is to be appreciated

I began playing gigs with my family band at church youth events, mini concerts, then I became bass player at my father’s church for some time developing my ear and technique. Later around 2014 My family band “The Henderson’s” and I began playing secular gigs. From then on I have played at numerous coffee/bar gigs, Studio Sessions, Weddings, Black Arts Festivals in City Park, Curtis Park Festival, Denver Open Media, Juneteenth, The Five Points Jazz Festival’s, Mayor Hancock Christmas Party, Denver Black Tie NYE Party Events at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel, Cleo Parker Robinson Anniversary, Play Bass for “The Henderson’s”, Bassist at Denver Christian Bible Church, also play fill in bass for “SUCH”.

I love music, I love playing and performing. Everyday is a step forward to where I want to be.

Anything is possible

My Soul

Jordan is a groovy musician whose additional limbs include a bass. With an natural ability to glide from chord to chord, this artist redefines the abandoned art of the boogie. To hear him play, you will me completely enchanted and lost amongst the warmth in his music, Right on Marsiac, Right on!

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