Jon ‘The Saxman’ Anstedt

Meet Jon!


“My name is Jon Anstedt and I am the owner of Athon Music. I am a composer, performer, and music producer. I specialize in Guitar but have performed nationally and internationally on instruments ranging from Alto Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Snare, Violin, and  Percussion.  Music is a central and key part of my life and will continue to influence me for years to come. I’m very excited to be collaborating with Menace Port,  and I’m honored to be able to play with such a diverse and respectable group of collaborators.”

Jon is a eager musician who will not back down at any musical venture presented to him. All the skills he has, manifested from his unique ability to absorb information. Being a music student at MSU Denver, he is crafting himself into a master musician to support his future endeavors. Check out his website for more content!

Menace Port


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