Jesse ‘ReSrface’ Santana

Meet Resrface


My name is Jesse Santana and I am a 23 year old artist, producer and videographer from Aurora, Colorado that goes by the name ReSrface. I’ve been experimenting with making my own music for 7 years but I’ve always been an avid music fan. After learning piano in 10th grade I began to make songs on SoundCloud and throughout the years I’ve worked hard to establish new connections with other creators, find unique and expressive sounds in my music and deliver crisp cadences and strong lyrics. Some of my biggest musical inspirations include J Cole, Logic, OneRepublic and Bob Marley. I love listening to and discovering awesome new sounds and ideas that I’ve never heard, or didn’t think possible. Inspiration for my music is usually manifested in the creation of the instrumental and, based off the vibe of the sounds I love creating things that feel new. One of my largest pet peeves is when artists lack originality and creativity in their work. Inspiration is important but imitation is boring. My main goal is to make music I’m 100 percent happy with, from beginning to end, and have other people relate to the emotion in the songs. If I’ve made you feel something, I’ve succeeded as an artist. I’d love to tour and do a variety of shows, meet new people and experience new things in order to acquire new memories and connections and although I’ve been waiting for my art to support me financially I’m forever grateful I have it as my emotional outlet.”

-Jesse Santana

Art that has ‘ReSrface’d

“Resrface is a talented lyricist with an eye for the angles. Not only does he send your mind for a whirl with his story telling, he gives you engaging videos to compliment every word. Boogie on Jesse! ”

— Menace Port

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