Jada Bonner

“My name is Jada. I am a poet on a good day, a dancer on a bad day and a lover every day. I am also a working professional pursing my master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management and the University of Denver. I don’t consider myself an artist. I’m not ready for that pressure nor do I have the confidence to accept that title.
However, I believe ‘Nice to Meet You Menace!’ is an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Not only do I get to support my best friend and the vision, but I also get a spotlight to use my voice to tell a story some might be able to relate to.First impressions are everything. I’m honored to be one of the first faces of MenacePort. I have a feeling it is a place some will begin to call home. “

Jada is a natural born artist. Having a way with words, she will leave you captivated even in conversation. With the ability to streach in many directions, you can find her featured as a model with Menace Port. There are times as creatives, we have the oppurtunity to crash or create something magnificent and such is the case with Jada and her poetry.

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