Ismael ‘Rongel’ Haruo Esang Jr

Meet Rongel!


“My name is Ismael Rongel Haruo Esang Jr. You can just call me Rongel. I am freelance artist. I usually draw stuff on paper, but now I am drawing digitally. I don’t like sticking to a certain style, so I am still exploring different options for my art. I love coming up with concept art, character designs, or just sketching some weird random stuff. What inspired to me to be an artist is how my mind opens to a whole new world of imagination. It’s amazing how the human mind flows with so many ideas and imagination. Imagination is a powerful weapon, it can be expressed in so many different styles of art. Let it flow to its full extent. I recently started to do $10 art commissions for drawing a digital portrait of people in my weird art style.”

Rongel is an artist that has a 3rd eye in an alternate dimension when he creates. With a vision for creativity, he will take you on an escape from reality and transform the world into the endless possibilities in it. Stay Trippy Rongel!

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