Maful Records

A Reimagined Music Community

We partnered with innovators and musicians in our community to create Maful Records.! A reimagined Music Community

Maful means “hug” in the Mapuche dialect.

Maful Records- a reimagined music community.

Maful Records is a Non-Profit organization that assists in the execution of a successful independent career for musical artists. Including artist branding, radio plugging, music distribution and much more.! Signing artists from around the world Maful is the perfect place to be as an independent artist looking for growth, and collaboration.

What Does Maful Do

Artist PR Branding


Radio Plugging, Music Distribution

Production, Digital Marketing

How, Why, Who

How does Maful Do It
Maful is composed of a team of musicians, entrepreneurs, independent artists, song writers, engineers, vocal coaches and managers.

MenacePorts Roll At Maful
Our Team members cross into Maful’s diverse atmosphere by offering various services, and partnerships including, strategic artist marketing, events/experience networking, and all around collaborations

What Can You Expect From Maful and Menaceport In The Future
Maful Records and Menaceport Networking and Marketing will be working on upcoming artists events, networking opportunities, and community relations with artistry and creative incorporation into the world that surrounds us.

Cheers to this amazing organization, partnership and the innovation that is bound to proceed.!

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