We use our gallery page to promote those in the community we feel message is important to share with the world. The media we share in our communities has a direct link to our creative growth and prosperity within ourselves. The individual media we listen to and watch should show us pieces of ourselves we didn’t know or forgot about. Menace Port sees it extremely necessary to show merit based “stand for something” media.

‘Nice To Meet You Menace’

MenacePort’s first event was set January 9th of 2020. It was an artist showcase and art exhibit we built showing off a few of our creative collaborators, and what our company is about. Live music, poetry and more, it truly ported our artist and guest into a feeling of love and expression.

It was Nice To Meet You, Menace.

‘Speak Yo Truth, Menace’

Inclusive to all who decided to participate, we honored Black History Month with our most powerful weapon, WORDS. This event was set up to display the talented word smiths and the many forms they take in our city and the culture that is born through it.

In need of a Photographer?

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