MenacePort is ultimately a networking and marketing platform for any all creatives, and small businesses. We are here to help you get to your end goal. WHATEVER that may be. We host a variety of events for the creatives and small businesses in our community.

Upcoming Menace Port Experiences

Postponed Due to COVID-19

Noteworthy Local Events

The Museum for Black Girls presents: Black Girls Flow

Experience the black queens of Colorado celebrate the right to be exactly who they are through the art of poetry. Come catch this glow!

When: March 21, 2020 7-10pm

Where: 3435 Albion St, Denver, CO 80207-1815,

“The Scottsboro Boys” ~ The Musical

In Honor of Black History month, show your appreciation for the culture by checking out “The Scottsboro Boys”. A modern masterpiece that explores the infamous 1930s Scottsboro Case where a group of young African-American men were falsley accused of a terrible crime. Now is the time to plan your experience. Click below for more information!

When: Feb 7- Mar 15

Where: Vintage Theater – Jeffery Nickleson Auditorium

Reroute Poetry Book & CD Release

Check out the poetry book and CD release of Irina Bogomolova, a passionate poet in the mile high! She has constructed all of her amazingly, artistic words into a present to share with the world. Please bring cash to this event to suport our local artist. For any furhter information contact

When: March 13, 2020 7pm

Where: Mutiny Information Cafe 2 S Broadway Denver, CO 80209

Past Events

Denvers culture was bright this night. Poets of all shapes, colors, and vibes graced us with their words. Not only were they graceful with their words but also showed out during the soul train intermission. A beautiful transaction that we closed out in a burn ritual. The truth was spoken, Menace.

“Speak Yo Truth Menace!” – A Poetry Open Mic

Inclusive to all who decided to participate, we honored Black History Month with our most powerful weapon, WORDS. This event was set up to display the talented word smiths and the many forms they take in our city and the culture that is born through it.

Our Nice to Meet You Menace Artist Showcase/Art Gallery was a blast. Full of colors, freedom, and expression. We love everyone that came out to have a good time. We paired up some very talented vocalist with live guitarist and bass players, a lyricist with a drummer and truly jammed out. We had special poem collaborations ripping with emotion love rejection and fear, and poetry dedications. On top of that the amazing art we had for sell by local artists prints, canvases, and painted mason jars.

“Nice to Meet you Menace”An Artist Showcase & Art Exhibit

MenacePort’s first event was set January 9th of 2020. It was an artist showcase and art exhibit we built showing off a few of our creative collaborators, and what our company is about. Live music, poetry and more, it truly ported our artist and guest into a feeling of love and expression. It was Nice To Meet You, Menace.

Dunia & Jada doing a duel poem collaboration taking different sides on domestic violence and relationship abuse
CraigThe2nd and Baz Freestyle Jamming
A dopeee shot of Dunia surfing a note run that stunned ears
We gave out MenacePort Notebooks to do writing/drawing prompts throughout the venue
CraigThe2nd most definitely got the crowd smiling
Ron, “just got a new whip”.!!
Baz and Jon are brothers in a parallel universe of music composition. Just Jammin
Jada silencing the air
Ollie’s song was so powerful the crowd demanded an encore
Funky Shizzzzzz
Sothern Bell Ringing Dem Bellsss

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