MenacePort is ultimately a networking and marketing platform for any all creatives, and small businesses. We are here to help you get to your end goal. WHATEVER that may be. We host a variety of events for the creatives and small businesses in our community.

Upcoming Menace Port Experiences

Kosher Port Cyphers

Postpone Due to Covid-19

A public jam out freestyle session to place music culture back into the hands of the people. No deception needed, what you feel is what you need. We ask everyone to join us and bring any instruments, vocal chords, and vibes needed to open up this port with us.

The Menace Wears Shea Butter

Join a community of black women coming together to review literature, address traumas, and heal together through the power of literature. Black women are the foundations of the black community, come take part of the movement.

Noteworthy Local Events

Deja Vu Open Mic Poetry & Spoken Word

One virus doesn’t stop the show! Tune in for local poets expressing themselves through themed virtual evenings for an Open Poetry Mic.

When: Thursdays and Saturdays @7pm

Where: On IG Live @Co_Reality

Past Events

Denver’s culture was bright this night. Poets of all shapes, colors and vibes graced us with their words. Not only were they graceful with their words but also showed out during the soul train intermission. A beautiful transaction that we closed out in a burn ritual. The truth was spoken, Menace.

“Speak Yo Truth Menace!” – A Poetry Open Mic

Inclusive to all who decided to participate, we honored Black History Month with our most powerful weapon, WORDS. This event was set up to display the talented word smiths and the many forms they take in our city and the culture that is born through it.

Our Nice to Meet You Menace Artist Showcase/Art Gallery was a blast. Full of colors, freedom, and expression. We love everyone that came out to have a good time. We paired up some very talented vocalist with live guitarist and bass players, a lyricist with a drummer and truly jammed out. We had special poem collaborations ripping with emotion love rejection and fear, and poetry dedications. On top of that the amazing art we had for sell by local artists prints, canvases, and painted mason jars.

“Nice to Meet you Menace”An Artist Showcase & Art Exhibit

MenacePort’s first event was set January 9th of 2020. It was an artist showcase and art exhibit we built showing off a few of our creative collaborators, and what our company is about. Live music, poetry and more, it truly ported our artist and guest into a feeling of love and expression.

It was Nice To Meet You, Menace.

Interested in Menace Port Hosting Your Experience?

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