Elijah ‘Whipsplash’ Grace

Meet Elijah!


Hello my name is Elijah Grace and I am a current student at MSU Denver. I come from a very musical family and background; my Mom sings and plays the piano and my Dad plays the drums and the bass. A while ago my dad taught me how to play the drums. I was 4 years old when I jumped on the drums. I just started building a big passion for the drums and it’s just something I love in school. I did different types of drums like timpani, toms, bass and other percussion instruments. In high school, I learned how to read music really well and just wanted to play good music. Music is life and it’s a joy to bring and I’m willing to put forth some good music.” 

-Elijah Grace 

Elijah is a local drummer that channels his creativity on demand at every opportunity. Using his keen sense of perfection, Elijah has an amazing ear for music and is beautifully intoxicated by rhythm. To see him play is to see him come alive. This musician throws a professional touch to each melody he guides. Boogie on Brotha


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