Denver CO Rino District

Being founded in Colorado our first targeted area is the Rino District we have determined it to span from Speer Blvd to Clayton out to 16th. The entire area has been targeted for this program.


Project Duration
6 Months

The history of the 5 points area is easy to educate yourself on. Being a historically black area most have watched change right in front of their eyes. We targeted this area for the obvious being it’s a thriving gentrified neighborhood, once layered with BIPOC residents and establishments. People were displaced, homelessness is rapid, 5 points is no more and Rino exists with a success in newness. We often receive complaints about the area due to uninviting interactions with shop, club/bar patrons and residents. It is our job as a people to recognize our flaws and fix them so the next generation can grow in peace. It is the historical process or gentrification whether people are tormented, shops burned and people forced to leave or a silent act of rent raising and Whole Foods causing traffic congestion that created and continues to create wealth disparity. It is establishments and businesses like Wal-Mart or Pepsi CO that invest their revenue into jails, laws, and faulty politicians that allow an unjust system to thrive. With recognizing this we understand the power of entrepreneurialism and the necessity for even small business and individual people to understand you can make a difference, together.

Our mission in Denver is to bring power to the people through programs built specifically for Communal Investment. For the next 4-6 months we will be hosting a series of installments, from unique protests, to special sales, and canvassing that begin to tell the story of possibility and power to the people.

Denver is our first targeted area so we will be pulling back a number of analytics and data that allow us to further our mission.

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