Colin ‘DiCarlo’ Smith

Meet Dicarlo!


I am Colin Smith.

And I am a multi-instrumentalist living and working in Denver. I play the Bass, guitar, double bass, and I love to write music. When I’m playing music, the shit that really gives me life is interaction. I love being able to hear a song morph and change and surprise both the audience and the players while it goes on. The music I write is very inspired by southern gothic music, as well as jazz and more experimental genres. The combination is just so dark and beautiful to me and it inspires me to try and bring unheard sounds into the context of a song. I also love and play bass in a neo-soul band called Messenger Music Collective where I can express the more social and high energy sides of my musical taste, as well as be around some of my favorite musicians and people.

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Colin ‘Dicarlo’ Smith is a talented musician with an ear for the undertone. His musical abilities take you out of body and guides you amongst the journey. With every strum, he crates frequency that is smooth and timeless, Jam on Dicarlo.

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