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“Hello there! My name is Breezy Brooks and I loooove me some art!!  Entertainment is gratifying in general, but physical illustration brought to life by the imagination is what really incites my individuality.  We live in a society today that does not unbiasedly give praise for living to the beat of your own drum.  I’ve ran into consistent roadblocks throughout my life because I see and hear things so differently than others, and it’s resulted in more painful lessons than beneficial ones.  Fortunately enough for myself and others going through similar motions, we live in an era where there are just as many avenues to find help as there are to get hurt, and all one has to do is dissociate from the belief that stability won’t return. Music and art are my stability.  Music is my cement, and the art my building…and my friends the security guards, because who wouldn’t need that motivational platform present to assist all that stability?

“I don’t know how to describe how perfect, and much needed the Menace Port event is, especially at this particular point in time.  The generation of children I grew up with are evolving socially and mentally at a dramatic rate, but the world around us (America) is trying to stay the same- divided.  Menace Port will offer the perfect foundation for intermixture, be it music/ art/ dance collaborations, or ideas/thoughts for insight shared between strangers.  I look forward to assembling with my nation of maveriks and innovators!”

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Breezy is a Denver native who literally personifies art. She is extremely talented from acrylic paints to nail polish. Any way to express her love of the arts, this artist rises to the challenge. Breezy see’s the world as her canvas and we can see this manifest in her unique art forms. Check out more of her inspiration via social media!

Menace Port


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