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“My name is BLVCK Qi (f.k.a. Matt Perry) and I’m a producer/lyricist based out of Denver, CO. I’m originally from Baton Rouge, LA so hip-hop shaped my sound since my youth. I started music with violin in the third grade and moved on to singing by middle school. Freshman year of high school I moved to Denver and started playing around with GarageBand. By junior year I had fallen in love with the process of creating instrumentals. I started with beat tapes and eventually began producing beats to go with my poetry. This led to me writing full projects and I had put out my first full mixtape “Ascension” by May 2017, the same month I graduated. Now I run an art collective dedicated to providing young local artists the chance to promote and network through their artworks called BLVCK Kosher. I’m also the Music Director for Met Radio so I provide students on the Auraria Campus the opportunity to get airplay before graduating from any of the three schools.”


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“BLVCK Qi (f.k.a Matt Perry) is a lyricist/producer based out of the Denver area. Along with five other high school friends, he founded the art collective BLVCK Kosher, LLC with the mission of creating opportunity for local artist growth and networking. He’s also the Radio Music Director over at Met Media where he writes music articles and records three podcasts: The Boxed Out Podcast, The Blackcast, and an upcoming show The Spotlight. A community activist working the Crowley Foundation and MSU’s Black Student, Qi pledges to change the climate of police brutality and youth violence within the Greater Denver Area.”


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IG: @theofficialqi Twitter: @theofficialqi TikTok: @theofficalqi Snapchat: @theofficialqi

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