Statement Regarding Recent Protests Proclaiming The Black Community As Unfruitful;

We at Menaceport Represent The Pro-Creation of Innocence in the Black Human; We Hear By State…something you can feel.

“I run from me in hopes to find it in my reflection.”

Said the black community pulling back disabled babies, stillborns, and pillars. 

Take your fate from what looks like you, you’ve never seen, light your darkness, you thrive in what you know, you don’t take on demons that aren’t your own. Name the color of the puppeteer hand.
That continues to sell your kids guns, kill your seeds, and sell it back to you at half price. 
Is it capitalism, slavery, or is it – black mass…untamed and thriving in its essence of mistreatment, a black hole creating a universe within a universe. Or do you feel a bit discombobulated? More effected than average.

  Stockholm syndrome; to fall in love with your captor. The relationship the black community has with the American Dream.

It’s viewed like a domesticated dog thats gotten off leash, or “the sheep sibling”. America sees you bleed enough to paint the street BLM or put up “White Only” signs all over the country, never can look long enough in your eyes to fix the problem.
My niggas -I say that as selective family oriented and elequent as possible, we have fallen for the banana in the tailpipe once again chasing earthly possessions. We’ve killed each other many of times for blood diamonds. Exactly how we got here. 

“What was Egypt, wtf even happened to Egypt?”

Asking for a friend…

“When really our overjoy to buy diamonds means we will one day have a mine of our own. But without protecting family jewels you will fall short, no matter your designer.”

-Said by your gay interior dresser

It’s starting to smell like the shit it is in here (Amerikkka) we can’t even address communal problems, walk home, let alone be addressed, without making the nightly news.
We stink, we have the track record to prove it.
But you can only fake the funk when you don’t smell yourself. 

Are we finally able to realize the error in our ways, (truely individually) or will we keep allowing someone else to decapitate our brother and leave us in ruins.

Said the product of one African whom sold another for a fucking gun.

You would have kept the head had the jewels been worth a damn.
But you toss the body of the serpent and move through your brother’s sole, in fear of separation from what you think you know yourself to be. When really its the product of the unspoken for puppeteer hand. 
It wont work unless you acknowledge yourself and the darkest capabilities of the journey imposed. Acknowledging all of yourself, will make you that much stronger when playing on the devil’s playground.
Will we all die before we recognize the God complexes and Black Ego. Will we kill ourselfs for fear of what we could become after separation from a captor? 
When art is lament there is nothing else to say but a pun. Everything is nothing if the track record is flat.
However, the reflection will always tell you how you’re doing individually & the strength of your team.


– Excuse us for the timely entrance someone had to make you feel the burn. Double-edged sword.

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