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BFR What Are We

Head of Research and Development, CEO, Writer, Project Designer, Philosopher, Radical Individualist, Musician, Philanthropic, Founder of Porters Prerogative 501C3

BFR What are wE

What is Menace Port…We are the investment firm of the future. Through our innovative sales tactics and marketing we are able to design collective contribution for the American people REGARDLESS OF COLOR CREED OR STATUES. Our programs infiltrate schooling, housing, the food market, and education segments successfully ramming possibilities through the roof.

When we think about schools, market places, and housing infrastructures they are not black owned ran operated and utilized by solely “black” people. Therefore our programs in that case exist inside of the American People, all of them. That is the beauty of purposely investing into the black intellect that built America.

We use black as a blanket term for all BIPOC. Since the term starts and ends with black and color. We assume all BIPOC ppl to be a bases of indigenous-original melanated humans. So when we speak about “black intellect” we talk about the vast contributions of indigenous melanin across the world. Our investment firm through practicality and innovation is built to not only help marginalized communities but to challenge our very essence of efficiency as a nation.


This page is for conversational topics concerning our brand and INTERESTS. BFRRRR

Topics range from a variety of socil economic conversations issues, debates, and “black debauchery”

Collum is written by our very own Mak Koltrane DEVOTED MENACE AND PORTER.

Other Topics

How do we combat the banning of books and teaching American History

How we will Target major PWI’s

View petitions circling targeted areas.

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