Meet Adonis!


Moshi Moshi! When I perform, I go by Adonis (they/them). I was born in a small town in Mississippi, but I’ve made Colorado my home since I was young. I got into music when I was in my third year of elementary school by playing the violin and where I learned how to read and write music. During high school and when depression was at its all-time high, I started writing my own music and poetry to get my emotions into something that I understood. I’m always striving to create music that makes people feel authentic emotions.

Adonis is unique vocalist/poet/musician born into a very open mind. Art is the truly an escape for this artist and you can meet them on a jazz song, an anime scene, and plucking your heart strings with the violin. I need of a good cry? Adonis can guide you through your emotions in a beautifully artistic manner that will leave you full of something you never knew you needed.

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