Art is A personification of Life. Through Art we can examine the Fabrics of our Reality.

Menace Port CEO.

Our Mission

It is our mission to challenge the world around us through everything we do. Its the optimism for us Fam. Through creative projects for the black community we are able to reimagine the world we live in.

Our History

Menace Port LLC was born in Denver CO as a community artist and entreprenueral platform. After being racialy trumatized by white artists and predomatantly white event spaces we reimagined our creative company and platform to specifically dedicating itself to the revitilization of the black community through creative projects, collaborations, programs, and endevours. Focusing on Reparations, Revolution, and Liberation through the Art we create.


“Menace Port has ultimately blessed my life in so many ways. This brand has given me the exposure that is necessary as an indepdent artist. Menace Port is centered so many beautiful connections in my life; both professional and personal. This networking company has given me the access to record my first EP, they’ve connected me with in-store partners where I’ve been able to expand my wire wrapping business, and they’ve allowed me to play my music at local events which is all an artist could ask for. I am so excited for the future of Menace Port and to see how many lives they will rise up with their team. Thank you Menace Port.

-Sara Conwell former employee

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