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About Us :‘Diversify The Line Up’ was a Social Experiment built for community networking amongst diverse music performers, artists, and entrepreneurs of different backgrounds. It was our first time collaborating with a venue to help them diversify their space, and our first time hosting a paid, organized event for our creative company after the protests against police brutality in 2021.

We will be utilizing the analytics of this experiment to design our programs, curriculum and message, and mission.

Background:  After having technical difficulties with our new ticketing system the white performers involved in Diversify The Line Up began to belittle us for the failed system and demand 40% of our proceeds. As we were scheduled to be in this particular art gallery once a month for the remaining 4 months of 2021 in hopes of funding our new non-profit for housing. 

When we were incapable of giving these performers more than what had been agreed upon, they began harassing us. We even granted a conversation to an unknown member of the band to make sure everything was transparent. This band member, a white individual proceeding our age by ten plus years, yelled, purposely misgendered, and degraded our CEO. The band then called our partnering venue. The venue sent us a nasty message accusing us of not owning our companies and refusing us further access. Our event Queerly Perfect, an event focusing on black queers, was canceled at not only the first venue but a second we had paid for and used before for a free invite-only event. This second venue space then allowed the white band that was harassing us and our members to utilize their space. 

The band sent terrible messages jeopardizing our community repertoire to several white partnering organizations saying, “don’t work with them, and keep an eye on them.” Our white employees quit their jobs in the company while white and hispanic previously used performers said ignorant statements on their social media pages in response to us building a decimation of character case on the band members harassing our company and community. 

We have been denied legal paperwork from companies we built and purchased with white and hispanic performers, and have received random hate messages from whites in the community. Immediately after speaking about the venue organization’s involvement and potential for racial trauma, our company car was stolen. This is what happens when you diversify the line-up.

‘Diversify the Line Up’ was our first social experiment with MenacePort. Putting us in a position to continue these social installments with black creatives and no longer assist in random creative endeavors not focused on black preservation and liberation, as we build direct action campaigns to reconcile the trauma in diversifying this nation and in turn the Line Up.

We have concluded with an impossibility to work hand in hand with white generations and communities ranging from GenZ to baby boomers in light of the new Liberation Movements and Black Lives Matter. This experiment gave us analytics of the twenty-first century white teens and adults claiming allegiance in our communities or using black companies for diversity. We will define the necessity of preserving the black community and begin to separate for safety and sanity purposes, through this social experiment..

  1. We were harassed by an array of social media accounts with several hashtags supporting Black Lives Matter this is proof that the revolution has been infiltrated by racists. 
  2. The band had support in the white community as almost a hundred comments filled under a post saying, “if these individuals contact you or have contacted you please let us know” including a picture of @ names. Almost all of these hateful individuals (referred to as a hate group) identified as LGBTQ community members. This is undeniable proof in racial hatred amongst the LGBTQ community. 
  3. White artist is an illogical concept and white art groups are cesspools for societal norms in racial hatred
  4. Museums nationwide should be donated to black and indginous organizations. Museums should be places used for radical change black artists can utilize, not be put out illegally, and not shared with white supremacy hate groups. Museums are built on stolen land in the name of art and should be completely reclaimed and donated to liberation artists and organizations.
  5. The concept of what allegiance to the liberation of black indigienous humans needs to be redefined
  6. Reparations programs, Separation organization(s), and Liberation art ; our ultimate goals

We will be releasing and funding an array of media, companies, campaigns and curriculum to begin unpacking this social experiment ‘Diversify The Line Up’ and applying the findings to our community impact. Including communal steps moving forward, prioritizations, boycotts, goals and demands, and the many ways you can become a member.

The companies and creatives below have assisted our team in bringing this experiment to life and offer amazing tools for black creatives seeking soul purpose, sound therapy, body awareness, conscious healing, black products and overall community support

Menace Port is a platform for black creatives and entrepreneurs, reimagining liberation reparations and separation through installations of creative companies, media, literature, programs and installments. All of our proceeds are donated to Porters Prerogative, a non profit for housing begun by our members, dispersed into programs for black and indigenous artists through our community reparations programs, or donated to upcoming black businesses and entrepreneurs needing funding.

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